Boarder Acquistions Group

Episode 8

Krayox has contacted us regarding a missing freighter; there is some concern that the ship was hijacked. Both the cargo and pilot are valuable to Black Sun, and they would like us to look into the disappearance. The ship is a Wayfarer med. freighter, the Wandering Gungan, and the pilot is Tando Antik. We begin by tracing its planned hyperspace route and seeing where the most likely place for it to have disappeared is. We narrow the options down to a couple systems, and choose to investigate Aleen first.

After sweeping the ship to make sure the camera droids aren’t piggybacking on the ship, we head to Aleen and run a sensor scan to try and find the most likely spaceport where a freighter would land. Gand works her magic with the computers and finds not only a likely landing point, but detects an ion trail that would match a Wayfarer-class ship.

Arriving at an abandoned spaceport, we set the ship down and make a quick visual scan of the area. Not spotting anything initially, we decide to investigate the buildings. As we move towards the building, we’re set upon by a crowd of Aleena, tiny reptilian natives. Changa presents them with a bobble-head Hutt as a gift and attempts to charm them, fairly successfully. They point us towards a gunship and a pair of twi-leks.

Some conversation reveals their boss’ fiance is a local podracer, a quarren named Mirtha, and the ship we’re likely looking for has 4 podracers and their vehicles. The vehicles belong to Krayox and were to participate in a podrace, the winner of which would get a token that is currently in the possession of the Mon Cal boss Gumbrai. Changa appeals to his sense of fair play and convinces him to help us locate the missing ship so that the race can take place.



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