Boarder Acquistions Group

Episode 7

While Changa and Gand are off visiting the markets before we head out, Jage and I are visited by a member of the local constabulary, a drall, asking about Valette. After some vague back and forth about his actual intentions, he tells us of an unclaimed job that matches Valette’s profile, and he wanted to make sure completed jobs got paid out.

Hearing this, Valette decides to grace us with her presence, and makes a claim about doing a job destroying a droid and delivering the parts. The drall points out that not all the parts were delivered, and he can only pay out once the missing memory core is recovered. Valette “negotiates” him into paying out 2/3rds for delivery of 2/3rds of the droid parts. Leaving the payment, and promising the remainder on receipt of the module, the drall leaves.

Upon being questioned, Valette knows nothing about the droid, but Jage manages to find a serial number on the parts that the drall left, and it turns out to be a prototype probe droid with a transponder.

Tracking the transponder to a warehouse (which bears the logo of Marlo the Hutt), Valette slightly clumsily makes her way inside by falling through a skylight, and opens the door. We are immediately set upon by a cyborg assassin. I spring to the top of the shelves and fire off a barrage, missing the droids and setting a series of crates on fire. The cyborg stabs Valette in the arm with a vibro-knife, and I fire off a volley, finally hitting my mark. Jage manages to stimpack Valette, we grab the memory core, and leave the now thoroughly-on-fire building.

Returning the module to the drall, we collect our payment, and he mentions the camouflaged camera droids following us, which explains how everyone’s favorite holonet show has been getting its information.



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